Rustic Decor vs. Farmhouse Decor?

Rustic Decor vs. Farmhouse Decor. 

The difference between rustic and farmhouse decor are easily confused because of the common characteristics that each share in almost equal proportion. Wood is the core element of rustic and farmhouse decor, and it contributes to the simplicity of style without compromising functionality. These two different decors depend on this natural element. but the treatment and placement of the natural element will differ to complement each style. The concept of rustic and farmhouse decor has developed out of slightly different human conditions and necessities, thus, differs from one another.

What is Rustic Decor?

The evolution of rustic decor can be traced back as early as 3500 B.C. when log cabins were constructed to provide shelter for the mountain inhabitants. In the mid-19th century, grandiose log cabins were built in the Great Camps of the Adirondack Mountains in New York. The Adirondack style uses the same concept but has set the bar high for rustic decor and design. Brought forth to achieve comfort while dwelling in the great outdoors, this style is rather rough and rugged. It does not favor the whitewashed, neat, and polished natural elements of the farmhouse style. Achieving a rustic interior is possible even if you don’t live in the Great Camps or in a log cabin in the woods. Selecting handmade or unique furniture that is made of rough woods with the visible grain will be a perfect piece to start. Reclaimed wood is even better because it will add the character as well as give the decor a more rugged appearance.

What is Farmhouse Decor?

The development of farmhouse decor was brought forth by the necessity of shelter for the farmers and their families while tending their livelihood. When we think of farmhouses, we imagine barns, silos, and tractors. It is a comforting thought for it gives us the impression that life could be simple somehow. Though both farmhouse and rustic decor encourage a simple and unpretentious air, farmhouse style is fresher. Wood is either painted in white or placed in a whitewashed interior to encourage a comfortable ambiance. Unlike in rustic decor where wooden furniture pieces are displayed to highlight their natural form, farmhouse decor work quite the opposite. It prefers more treated, painted, and polished wooden decors to create a cleaner aesthetic. Farmhouse design consists of various different and connected elements that are associated with farm living. The farmhouse style is more complexed compared to the rustic style.

In Summary

The fresher farmhouse decor differs from the roughly finished rustic decor in more ways than we may have imagined. Rustic decor is commonly made from red-toned, unprocessed, and heavy woods. Farmhouse decor prefers bright white furnish to create a clean and welcoming statement that inspires the gathering of families. The prominent whitewashed interiors of the farmhouse style, as opposed to the brown-reddish interior of the rustic style, is something that is hard to miss. Farmhouse style is also more complexed for it matches the way of life on the farm as opposed to the straightforward rustic style that complements the rough and ready lifestyle of an adventurous camper.