Rustic Wall-Mounted Coat Racks

Tired of Seeing Your Coats, Hats, Keys and Other Daily Essentials All Over the Place?

Consider rustic wall mounted coat racks to help you get more organized. No longer will you need to shove coats into closets or pick them off the floor.

Although rustic coat racks are a great way to organize and declutter your entrance way, they do have to be installed properly. Improper installation can lead to unwanted headaches.

Below we have detailed 5 important things to consider before you start. Installation is a straight forward process and with proper consideration should not take more then 20 minutes to install your coat rack.

Table of Contents

Here is a Required List of Tools & Hardware Necessary To Complete This Project:

  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver Bit
  • 3″ Screws (Studs) or Toggle Bolts (No Studs)

Decide On Placement

Rustic coat racks are very useful but only when placed in the proper location. It should be installed in a place where it is easy for your children and family to hang their coats up. If you don’t like placing the rack at the back of your front door, then consider installing it in the hallway instead. Placing a coat rack near the main entrance will make it easier for your guests to help themselves in hanging their coats when they visit.

Determine the BEST Fasteners

Tools Needed: Stud Finder

Physically mounting your coat rack to the wall is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. What’s important to know though is “how are you going to mount it to the wall?” You want your coat rack to have strength to support all the weight of those heavy coats in the winter time.

Using your stud finder, locate the studs behind your drywall. Screwing your coat rack into a stud is the best option because the screw is going into wood behind the wall. This will give alot of strength. If screwing into wood is not an option then your second choice is going to have to be to secure it to the drywall.  When securing to sheetrock, drywall anchors and toggle bolts work really well and can support a good amount of weight.

Measure and Mark the Height

Accessibility is the most important factor to consider when it comes to deciding on how high your coat rack should be. The height should be enough for everyone to store and remove their coats as they please.

Five feet from the floor is the ideal placement of a wall rack. It is the most suitable height to ensure it is accessible for both children and adults. If you have smaller children, you can also place a stool for them to step on to ensure that they can access the rack as well.

Level and Mark Holes

Tools Needed: Level, Tape Measure, Pencil

During installation, leveling your coat rack is crucial and the slightest difference will be noticeable from across the room. Place your coat rack against the wall to get an idea of how its going to look before actually screwing it down and mark the holes/rack placement with your pencil.

Mount Your Coat Rack!!

Tools Needed: Drill, Screwdriver Bit, 3″ Screws (Studs) or Toggle Bolts (No Studs)

Now that all your prep work is done, its time to physically mount your coat rack to the wall using your drill. If you are attaching to studs, place the rack up to your markings and use the drill to screw in the 3″ screws to the wall.

In Summary

There are a lot of ways you can incorporate rustic coat racks into your decor. It definitely has a great potential to become an attractive piece that you can be hooked on.

Frequently Asked Questions


They are both inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing. The rustic wall coat rack will not only perform its function but also add character to any wall and can be considered as wall decor in itself.


Screwing your coat rack into a stud is the best option because the screw is going into wood behind the wall. This will give alot of strength. When securing to sheetrock, drywall anchors and toggle bolts work really well and can support a good amount of weight.


The weight limit of a coat rack depends on a couple factors but the most important is how you are securing it to the wall. A coat rack will pull out of the wall more often then it would itself break, so it really is important to secure it properly.


There are many advantages of both wall mounted and free standing coat racks. If your tight on space and need a permanent solution then a wall mounted coat rack is a great solution for you. On the other hand, if you have more space and are looking for something more movable, then a free standing coat rack might be the best option for you. 


If your rustic coat rack doesn’t come with a shelf, consider installing one on top and make sure to use the same material as your rack. The shelf holds a lot of design possibilities that you can explore. Try decorating it with photo frames, books, and other decor pieces that match your interior. You can even place a tiny indoor plant on the shelf to make it look a little bit more earthy.

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