Price: $39.99 (as of 07/15/2022 17:07 PST- Details)

Decorative Floor Lamp for Any Living Room Decor: The Brightech Sophia LED Floor Lamp will amaze you with its beautiful design and become an immediate conversation piece for guests. With an elegantly detailed pole and base, a warm bronze finish, and a lampshade in tan, this standing lamp will fit within art deco, contemporary, modern, vintage, mid-century modern, and other decor schemes. Provide gentle, relaxing light in your office, bedroom, or living room with this Sophia floor lamp.
Sturdy & Safe Floor Lamp with Heavy Base: This Brightech lamp for the living room is created for safety and durability. With a weighted base, this lamp is hard to tip over due to its sturdy design. The tall lamp will still be safe if accidentally bumped into by pets and animals. This LED tall lamp will stay cool no matter how long it’s on, and it won’t overheat. Brightech standing lamps are long-lasting and extremely safe. They arrive fully assembled so that you can set your lamp up in minutes.
Long-Lasting And Energy-Saving Standing Lamp: This Brightech tall lamp comes with a luminous 9W LED light bulb that will save energy and last for decades. Its advanced 3,000 K warm white LED technology comes packed with 800 lumens – this light will be brighter than lamps that use incandescent or halogen bulbs. LED lighting does not generate heat, so there’s no need to fear getting burned.