Rustic baskets are coming back as part of home décor, and their rustic and vintage aesthetic makes them very hard to resist. Baskets are one of those things that never fails to fill a space or to give the room the finishing touches. These are the perfect ones to choose if you are thinking about bringing some baskets home, as they are very versatile, and it is extremely easy to make them match with the rest of your décor.

Using Baskets in Your Decor

Baskets are made in many different sizes, which makes it very easy to integrate them with almost any space. At the end of the day, their main function is to hold other items. You can put pretty much anything in them depending on what room you want to decorate, and the baskets will give it a relaxed and clean look. Some people prefer to use the basket itself as the focus of attention. There are some that are made with bold colors and patterns that catch your eye when you enter the room. What you decide to put in these baskets is not as important because the basket will shine on its own. Nonetheless, you can choose to buy some simple or plain-looking ones and fill them with other decorative objects, creating a contrasting effect.

Objects That Go Inside Baskets

As it was just mentioned, the variety of sizes and styles of baskets makes them perfect to play around with what you can put inside them. Depending on whether you want to fill up a bigger or a smaller space in a room, you can choose to put different objects in your baskets. If you are thinking about placing them somewhere visible, you can put decorative pieces in them, such as candles, a lamp, some figures, or even a small picture frame. On the other hand, if you are thinking of using them as a functional item (while also being decorative), you can put some blankets, pillows, books, records, towels, and maybe even toys.