Bookcases are a great way to take control of your office and have a place to store all your books.

Benefits of Bookcases

    • Increased Storage – Having storage space is essential for an office. With bookcases, you can prevent clutter and keep everything in plain sight.
    • Space Optimization – Utilizing bare vertical wall space and adding bookcases can greatly enhance traffic flow in your office.
    • Versatility – Everywhere you look in your house, storage is a necessity. Due to their versatility, bookcases are a wonderful investment for practically any space.
    • Increased Productivity – When working in an office, it is extremely beneficial to keep all of your books and other documents close at hand. Maintain productivity and organization to avoid wasting time.
    • Easy Assembly – You don’t have to spend a lot of time constructing bookcases. Though assembly is required, it is fairly simple and straightforward.

Frequent Questions About Office Bookcases

What is the difference between a bookcase and bookshelf?

A bookcase is a free-standing cabinet with multiple shelves inside. It’s an item of furniture. A bookshelf, on the other hand, is exactly that. A single shelf capable of holding books. Typically, they are bolted directly to the wall or screwed to the wall with brackets.

Should books be at the front or back of a bookshelf?

You should always have your books pulled forward while storing them on your bookshelf. When they are moved forward, not only is the lighting greater, but they will also appear more orderly and the colors of the books will pop out more.

Should you put books horizontally or vertically?

Whether you store your books horizontally or vertically actually depends on your goals. Keep your books upright if they are valuable to you in order to avoid adding to the pressure on the spines. Alternating between vertical and horizontal stacks will help your bookshelf look great if you’re wanting to beautify it.