Coffee Tables

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Rustic coffee tables provide comfort in your living room. Give yourself a place to put your drinks down, hold some magazines, or even put your feet up during a nice, quiet movie.

Why You Need Rustic Coffee Tables... Rustic coffee tables are extremely practical in that they provide both functionality and design to your living room. Not only do they offer a space to rest your drinks during a movie or hold a book for you to read during downtime, but rustic coffee tables can also be decorated to enhance the feel of your living room. Being a focal point to the room, it is important to choose the right Coffee table for your space. Choosing The Right Rustic Coffee Table For Your Living Room… Rustic Coffee tables come in many shapes, sizes and materials, so getting the right one can be tricky. SHAPES Choosing the right shape of your rustic coffee table mainly depends on the size of your seating area. For smaller seating areas, a rectangular or oval coffee tables would work best. With larger seating areas that you tend to have with sectionals and larger sofas, square and circular coffee tables are better options. SIZES The height of your coffee table another factor to consider when purchasing your new rustic coffee table. Ideally, your coffee table should be the same height or an inch or two lower then the top of your sofa’s cushions. The average height for a coffee table is 16”-18” and will fit well with a typical sofa. The best rule of thumb for the determining the length of your coffee table is for it to be 2/3 the size of your sofa. A living room sofa that seats three people is typically 84” long which means the coffee table should around 56” in length. MATERIALS The most common construction of coffee tables is of wood. Here are a few styles of wooden coffee tables available for you to purchase. • Rustic Coffee Tables • Distressed Coffee Tables • Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables • Distressed White Coffee Tables • Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Tables In Summary Rustic coffee tables remain a great and essential piece of furniture for your living room. With an average cost of $200 - $400, they are affordable and deliver a high level of convenience for a small price.