Rustic kitchen islands are perfect for any kitchen that has a large amount of space. They are a great place to prep your food, store extra utensils, or have your children do their homework.

Benefits of Kitchen Islands

    • Countertop Space – You can always use more countertop space, regardless of the size of your kitchen. Small appliances, plants, and decorative items take up space, leaving little room for food preparation. Adding a kitchen island is an excellent way to increase countertop square footage and provide additional space for food preparation.
    • Storage – Kitchen islands add extra storage in the form of cabinets, drawers, and pull-out shelves to help you keep your kitchen clean and organized.
    • Seating – One of the best features of kitchen islands is that they can provide additional seating for your family and bring everyone closer together. The kitchen island is a great place for your children to do their homework while you keep an eye on them.

Frequent Questions About Kitchen Islands

What should you not do with a kitchen island?

When installing an island, there are a few really fundamental things you should avoid doing, such as not providing enough space between the island and the cabinets, making the island too big or small for your area, and not setting the island at a comfortable height. Besides that, keep in mind to have excellent lighting and access to outlets for usage when dining.

What is the ideal size of a kitchen island?

The size of your kitchen island shouldn’t take up more than 10% of the space in your kitchen overall. For instance, if your kitchen is 150 square feet, your island shouldn’t be more than 15 square feet. The bare minimum for your island should be no less than 4′ wide and 2′ deep.

How far should kitchen island be from your countertop?

Unless you are cooking with others, there should be 42 inches between your cabinets and kitchen island. If so, you should set the distance at 48 inches apart. The distance between the cabinets and the island in a wheelchair-accessible kitchen should be 60 inches.