Because dining tables have many practical and convenient uses, they are often considered the most important piece of furniture in your home. The greatest benefit, though, is that dining tables bring families together.

How to Choose a Dining Room Table

When shopping for a new dining table, there are an infinite number of styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. To help guide you, consider the following factors before making a purchase.

    1. Style – Deciding on the style of table you want is the first step. Do you prefer something classic, traditional, or modern? Consider what color attracts you too.
    2. Size – If you have a large family or enjoy entertaining, a large table will be required to accommodate everyone. If space is an issue, many tables include leafs that can be easily added and removed to adjust the length of the table as needed.
    3. Shape – The shape of your dining table is critical to its functionality. If you want a warm, cozy, and intimate dining experience, a round or oval table is the way to go. A square or rectangle table would be best if you need more space to place food on the table and for your guests to have more elbow room.

Frequent Questions About Dining Room Tables

What is the best shape dining room table in a small space?

Round dining tables are the ideal shape for compact areas. Round tables have a smaller surface area, giving you more space for seats and visitors to maneuver.

What type of dining room table is most durable?

The two strongest materials to utilize for tabletops are solid wood and quartz. If you’re looking for a wood table, oak, hickory, and maple are all excellent options and quite hardy.

Is a square or round table better?

Everything is dependent on what you want. For a comfortable dining experience, round tables are great. They also function well in small spaces. However, your family will have more space to move around and eat at square tables.

What is the most efficient table shape?

Rectangular tables are the most effective due to their size. Usually, they have leaves that can be used to increase or decrease the size as desired. Having larger tables allows you to serve more food and seat more people.