Rustic headboards can give your bedroom a personal touch, but more importantly, they support your bed and protect your walls from damage.

How to Choose a Headboard for Your Bed

Headboard Designs

    • Panel – 
    • Slat – Slat bed frames support a mattress by placing pieces of wood or steel across the bedrails.
    • Sleigh – Sleigh beds are a type of bed that has an outward-curving headboard and footboard that mimics a sleigh.
    • Wingback
    • Tufted
    • Open frame

Headboard Materials

    • Wood – solid, veneer, reclaimed/repurposed
    • Metal – wrought iron, brass
    • Upholstered – cotton, linen, synthetics
    • Leather
    • Rattan and Wicker

Installation Types

    • Wall-Mounted – Wall mounted headboards are fixed to the wall directly, leaving no space between the headboard and the wall.
    • Bed Frame-Mounted – These typical headboards have two struts that are joined to the back of the bed frame. To connect, just line up the pre-drilled holes and use nuts and bolts.

Headboard Widths

    • Twin/Twin XL – 41″
    • Full – 56″
    • Queen – 62″
    • King – 80″
    • California King – 74″

Headboard FAQ’s

What is the point of headboards?

When sitting up in bed to watch television or read a book at night, headboards provide the right support. For a better night’s sleep, they also assist in maintaining the position of your pillows.

Can you attach a headboard to any bed frame?

Any bed frame can accommodate a headboard as long as the sizes match. As an illustration, a twin headboard will fit with a twin bed frame, a full will fit with a full, a queen will fit with a queen, and a king will fit with a king.

Are headboards outdated?

Headboards are still very much in style. They not only provide a functional purpose but also give your bedroom personality.

Is it better to sleep with a headboard?

Headboards are useful because they prevent your pillow from slipping into the area between your bed and the wall. In order to support your neck and have a good night’s sleep, they are also excellent at holding your pillows in position.