If you want to decorate your room but are unsure of where to start, try looking into adding a beautiful rustic vase. Vases are very versatile and they can completely change the atmosphere of your room.


Because they come in many different sizes and styles, there are many places where you can put a vase. The most common location for vases is on top of tables, creating centerpieces. Short vases are great for this, and depending on their width, you can put them on a coffee table or on top of the dinner table.

Small vases can be placed almost on every surface. They look fantastic as decoration pieces in bookshelves, regular shelves, on top of the fireplace, or in cupboards.

Lastly, many people like putting longer and narrower vases in the corners of the room as simple decoration pieces instead of perhaps buying plants.


  1. Fill your vase ¾ with warm water. Flowers absorb water best between 100 F and 110 degrees F.
  2. Cut the stems on an angle to ensure they don’t sit flat against the bottom of the vase and are still able to absorb water.
  3. Remove any dead leaves or petals from the stem that will be under water to avoid them from rotting and smelling.
  4. Change the water every other day to increase the lifespan of the flowers.


If you don’t like how vases look full and you want to go for a simpler style, try decorating using empty ones. Choosing a vase with a print or pattern can be in itself a beautiful centerpiece.

To help integrate them better into your space, place your vase near a stack of books, a plant, or a decorative figure.


Some people think that the only thing that you can do with vases is to put some flowers in them, but that is not the case. There are many more options you can put inside your clear glass vase. For instance, you can use;

  • Natural elements such as twigs and branches
  • Sand, seashells & river rocks to create beach themes
  • Pine cones, acorns & leaves to create a beautiful fall filler
  • Colorful or scented candles
  • Balls of yarn


There are endless possibilities when it comes to vases. The best part is that you can always change their filling, what you place around them, and you can even customize them later on if you do not love how they look.Even though decorating with vases can be intimidating at first, you definitely need to give them a chance and consider using them when you are decorating a room.