How to Combine Modern and Rustic Decor

The dawn of the 20th century brought forth the age of industrialization and the evolution of a new design. People have to move forward and embrace a new way of living equipped with the materials available at hand. The German Bauhaus School of Design conceived the modern decor idea with Scandinavian design as its primary influence. Materials such as steel, glass, and leather are the key elements that serve the design’s purpose, which is for the form to follow function. Rustic design, however, is all about the usage of natural material as its primary element. Combining the modern style with rustic elements is like combining the best of both worlds. It will allow you to keep up with the fast-paced present while breathing the tranquility of the past.

How to Combine Modern and Rustic Decor:

  1. Open Floor Plan and Lighting Fixtures

Combining modern and rustic styles can be quite a task but this can be made easy with an open floor plan. An open floor plan will allow the beams to stand out while forming a larger area to provide a communal living space that is spacious and airy. Bare large glass windows are a staple of modern rustic design for in this form, natural light will come in. In the absence of large windows, industrial lighting fixtures can work as a remedy or can even be combined together. Chandeliers and lamps made of steel or glass will be perfect to combine with your wooden furniture without one overpowering the other.

  1. Combination of Elements

A fireplace is a staple piece in rustic design. It is also a great place to highlight the modern rustic style of your abode. From here, we can create a beautiful balance of the elements from both designs. Metal, wood, and stone are elements of modern and rustic decor. The metal screen cover is an industrial functional piece in a fireplace. A rustic wooden mantel can provide a space for a steel clock or a glass vase. The natural texture of stone will serve as a beautiful backdrop of the combined style. Rustic wood is a feature in rustic design that can blend well with the modern interior concept. A piece of rustic furniture combined with modern white furniture will create a polished look to your modern rustic living room. You can also opt for a leather sofa, or rustic metal chairs and tables. The mismatched furniture will create a beautiful contrast to the grand stonework of your fireplace.

  1. Use of Monochromatic and Earthy Colors

Black and white are the primary colors of modern design, but incorporating accents in bold and earthy colors can work as long as it is a single focal point. A whitewashed wall will make the contrasting elements stand out. In monochromatic walls, you will have an opportunity to play more with the materials. You can use more techniques and strategies in a single color compared to a multicolored wall. Cowhide is a unique accent piece with a monochromatic color that you can drape on your sofa. And if you want to add more earthy elements inside your abode, adding plants will be a great idea, and it is a hype that will not go away.

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