Different Types of Materials used in Rustic Decor

With rustic decor all the rage at the moment, you would wonder how to get the style in your abode. A home should not be short of a sanctuary that can vanish stress and fatigue. It should only leave a feeling of comfort and warmth. The desire for rustic design in your home will take you on a journey back to nature. Bringing nature and its simplicity in your home will create an earthy atmosphere that will trigger the emotions that you need for a happier life. It may seem simple and easy, but your journey’s end will not appear on its own. It has to be traveled, with you packed with the essentials needed along the way. Gathering the different types of materials essential in rustic decor will require thinking and planning. With the list below, you should be able to prepare and achieve the most coveted rustic look.

Different Types of Materials used in Rustic Decor:


Wood is a paramount material that carries the most weight of the rustic decor’s aesthetic value. The use of wood in rustic furniture is a design principle that will keep you on track. Think of large, heavy, and handmade wooden furniture that seems to boast its natural grain. Large wooden tables with large legs are a staple in rustic interiors. Heavy wooden furniture made out of raw logs would appear as if nature itself had designed it. And handmade furniture or accessories are unique pieces that can add character to your design. One of the main features of rustic interiors is a wooden beam. It is one of the most visible structural elements that can define your Rustic home. Adding a rustic beam in your home can make an impactful difference in the design. And having a faux beam installed is quite simple and easy.


Stone is a material that is common in rustic interiors. Natural elements forage from the earth are the usual rustic items. The abundance of stone in nature has contributed to the design. Think of bricked walls and gray stone fireplaces that seem to have stood the test of time. Rare it is to see a rustic interior without an element of this earthy solid substance. Stone element complements the wood element in a rustic interior. The collaboration of these two natural elements will help you achieve the look in the most authentic way possible.

Faux Animal Hides

The beauty of rustic design developed from the rugged lifestyle of hunters. Traditional rustic cabins served as a relaxing space before and after hunting as well as the museum of their animal trophies. In this light, animal hides should be incorporated as a material in the rustic decor, especially if you want to give more attention to detail. Nothing can complete the overall rustic look of your home other than faux animal hides. You can use it as rugs to adorn your flooring. Draping a faux animal hide to your sofa will also add a rustic character as well as comfort. Hanging a faux animal hide on your wall will also help you nail that style.