6 Popular Styles of Window Panes Perfect for Decorating

Here are 6 popular styles of window panes decor that work great in any room:


A very common design used throughout the United States, the four-pane rustic window frame is a classic choice and can be used to enhance many rooms in your home. This design has clean lines and simple features. It will make any room look more modern and classy while still maintaining a traditional feel. This design is much like the cathedral window frame, requiring measurements and cutting for its various parts. A drill is required for assembly, and professionals at your local home improvement store can help you complete this look based on your specific needs. The four-pane rustic window frame comprises two different boards (one for top and bottom) and two slightly thinner boards (for the sides). These will be assembled with nails. Two hinges should be attached to the backboard so that it will swing open. A wider piece of wood can be used as a backboard behind these openings for more support.


These are the most basic of all rustic window frames. They are made, usually by attaching boards or planks to form a complete frame. This style needs only needs to be stained, oiled, and varnished for finishing touches. A simple design with clean lines makes this an easy and cost-effective window frame.

These rustic window frames can be made to any size required, whether it is large or small. They are easy to construct and require no special tools. These window frames are designed using aged wood planks with rusty nails driven through them. While making these rustic wooden window frames, many rotten or discarded pieces of wood are also used to make the design look even more rustic.


A much fancier design than the arched window frame, this style is an excellent choice for many different rooms in the house. It is very pretentious and can be used to add flair to any room. While this look is not necessary for every room, it does lend itself well to areas such as the living room, dining room, and bedrooms.A drill is recommended for assembly, and the professionals at your local hardware store can assist you if necessary. To make this style of the rustic window frame, a board is needed for the top and bottom sections. This type has a picture frame design. The two middle sections will have hinges installed in them so that they can open up. A wide piece of wood is required for the backside, with its measurements dependent on your specific needs.


This design of rustic window frame is very sleek and modern, making it stand out in any room where it’s used. These frames are usually made with stained wood planks that have an arrow cut into them. The arrow is often painted brown or some other dark color that contrasts with the wood. These rustic window frames are made much the same way as the previous designs, requiring measurements and cutting. The difference is that instead of nails, screws are used to hold everything together. This design can be completed by even amateur at-home improvement projects, especially if you purchase pre-assembled parts to use.


Another incredibly beautiful design can be completed by an expert or novice at home improvement projects. These rustic window frames come in two pieces, with a large wreath cut out of the center on both sides. The wreath is usually created from wood and painted green (with a red bow). Wood is typically used to construct these frames. While the wreath design makes this rustic window frame look very traditional, the panels are thicker and more modern. They have a flat finish on one side and a rough finish on the other so that it can match your existing décor. A board should be purchased for the back, and hinges should be used to create the swinging panels.


This rustic window frame is one of the most beautiful designs available on the market today. They are made up of three sets of two panes that open like a pair of French doors. The entire frame is made of wood (usually pine) and can be stained or painted to match your existing décor. This rustic window frame will require professional assistance to be completed correctly by those who have experience with such projects. These are very complex, and the panels should swing open on hinges for ease of use.

Popularity of Window Frames

Inspired by nature and carrying with them a sense of light, warmth, and openness, window frames are a popular design element in interiors. Some window frames have a design, and others are just the frame itself. Either way, they are often a focal point in a room and can be the most important detail of the room.Window frames have been a popular design element in home decor for centuries. They are a simple way to add depth and architectural detail to a room. Many people use them as a focal point, making them a perfect addition to a gallery wall.The most popular window frames are made of wood, but you can also find some made of a variety of different materials and some that are self-adhesive.

Decorating with Window Frames

Old windows make for great decorating pieces, whether you want to cover them with wallpaper, use them as a headboard, or turn them into an art installation. There are so many ways to take old windows and turn them into something you love. 

Here are some of the ways you can make use of old windows:

  • You can use old window panes as part of a grand gallery wall
  • You can create a unique stained-glass-type effect by creating your own windows with an old window pane.
  • You can paint the glass and frame blue or orange which creates interesting contrast for your decor.
  • You can create stair railings and door frames with old window panes.
  • You can use them to spruce up your hallway, especially if it is narrow.
  • If you have an old blue or white window frame in good condition, you can create a shadowbox using it as the base, creating a finished look.
In Summary

In conclusion, the old window pane is one of the easiest ways to update your home. Old window panes can be used for so many different things, depending on the type of old window pane you have and the ideas that you have in mind.Inexpensive, easy to find, and versatile, old window panes make a perfect DIY project for the home!

Frequently Asked Questions


There are many different ways to attach a window to a wall but I feel D-rings and picture hanger hooks are the best. They come in many sizes and give you the exact amount of weight they support. Simply attach the D-rings to the back of the window and attach the picture hanger hooks to the wall. Use your tape measure and level to ensure proper installation.


To make your window frame look rustic, you want to make it look old, used, distressed and weathered. Here are a few DIY tricks you can use to make your window look the way you want it to.

  • Glue & Paint – Before painting your window, try adding some glue as a base coat. When the glue dries enough to form a thin skin, that’s when you can add your paint top coat. As the glue dries, it will form a crackle effect.
  • Paint & Vinegar – After you have painted your window and let it dry, use a spray bottle with vinegar and spray down the paint in the areas you want to distress. Use some old rags to rub away the paint. 
  • Paint & Sandpaper – Once dry, sand down your paint using a fine-grit sandpaper, sanding block or palm sander.
  • Bang it up – In order to add age to your wood, beat it up a little. Dents, nicks and gouges add character.


Old Windows Frames can be used for many things including displaying family photos and holding special holiday cards. They can be repurposed to make serving trays, chalkboards, coffee table tops, coat racks and so much more. Your only limited to your imagination so let it loose.

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